My labor and delivery experience

It was my day off on a Friday that I’ve dedicated to writing my birth plan because I’ve procrastinated for the past 8 months. I also wanted to organize my closet, thinking that I only have two weeks before my due date. I was 38 weeks and 4 days into my pregnancy.

I was able to finish my birth plan, there’s nothing really special in it but I failed to do any organizing because I felt infrequent menstrual like cramps all day. I thought that it was just part of my uterus stretching so I did not really think much of it. Only to find out later on that I was already having early signs of labor. As the day progressed, the cramps happened more frequently but it still did not occur to me that I could already be in labor since I did not have other signs that it was imminent, such as water breaking or passing mucus plug. I even took Tylenol, which obviously, did not help. I was in denial, I did not expect to be delivering before my due date. By the evening, I got into a warm bath that my husband prepared and we started timing my contractions using an app called “Contraction Timer-Time labor”, it was truly useful. The pain became more intense and that’s when I knew that THINGS (had to use euphemism there) GOT REAL! I’ve put off calling my OB because the contractions were erratic, and also, because I was still in denial. Until it was already close to midnight, I talked to my OB and she asked me if I’m okay to stay home and keep monitoring since there are no accompanying signs of labor yet. We waited because I did not want to go to the hospital only to be sent back home. I was doing so well performing breathing exercises until I decided that moaning and making crying noises were better options as the contractions intensified. Deep breathing did not seem to help me anymore, I totally lost my ability to be Zen. I said to myself “this is really it!”

By 5am, contractions were consistent and I had a bloody show, it’s not like a TV show but it’s a blood or blood-tinged mucus (sorry, TMI). I’m thankful that my husband remained calm throughout all these, to the point that he still managed to shave his face and take a moment in front of his closet to decide what to wear. At that point, I had to tell him to hurry up. As Ali Wong said, “I’ve already suffered enough.” The 20 minute drive to the hospital seemed like an eternity to me. I kept asking my husband to make the contractions stop.

When we arrived at the hospital, I was already 5 cm dilated which took us by surprise that I’ve made that much of a progress already. Getting epidural was the best thing that happened to me, only ranking second to meeting our baby, of course. I just took a nap until it was already time to push. I did not anticipate that my delivery would only take less than an hour. I feel really lucky and grateful for that.

The moment that they handed my baby to me felt so surreal and magical. When I heard his first cry, saw his face and held him for the first time, I felt emotions I couldn’t even describe. Time stood still, the heavens became within reach, tears started to flow and I felt pure love washing over me. I could keep reliving that moment forever! It’s more real now than it has ever been, I’m a mother and I was completely swept off my feet. It was love at first sight! I didn’t mind the pain I went through, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, (as long as I could get epidural again, half kidding).

Holding my Prince Charming for the first time

Fresh outta uterus
I’m smitten
I could stare at him all day
Daddy holding him for the first time
Our first family photo. I wish somebody told me to put lipstick on

I wouldn’t have survived without my ever supportive, patient and loving husband. Having him hold my hand, stroke my back, or just having him beside me made me feel that I can do anything! It’s true what they say, you’ll fall in love with your husband all over again when you witness him becoming a father.

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  1. Great story. Check out our blog for moms and moms to be and join our community and conversations. Would love to hear your thoughts and advice you can share with other ladies. Comment on some of our various topics we have up and under older posts ☺️

    1. Congratulations on your sweet bundle of joy! Hope
      you can write on newborn essentials!
      Mine is due in 6 weeks!

  2. OMG he’s sooo beautiful! That made me cry! Such a sweet story, especially when you described how it was holding your son for the first time. That’s exactly how I felt when I held my daughter and son for the first time… It was so precious. My daughter (and firstborn) took some time to get here, but my son was eager to make his big debut lol I had him at home! But oh my gosh, this was so sweet, and he looks so precious! Enjoy it, because motherhood keeps getting better the more you watch him grow 🙂

  3. You’re so right, having your hubby by your side during the whole process just makes you fall head-over-heels for him all over again! Seeing him stand by you and supporting you is one of the cornerstones of the whole process 🙂 It’s sweet when you love someone who truly wants to be part of the experience and is enthralled by the transformation into fatherhood. So happy you have him to support you and WOW what a beautiful baby! He’s adorable!!! Congratulations, sweet lady!

  4. Yay congrats luv! I remember my first experience. Shelby was shy and didn’t want to come out so we had to induce lol I know what you mean though that epidural lol As much as the fellas say, they just can’t understand the pain and joys of motherhood! But looks like you got a good one there, hold on to him! It makes parenting so much easier when you got a good man invested in being a good dad and I know he’s gonna be a good dad 🙂 lol Take in those moments doll there really is no better experience for us!

  5. It would be hard not to be in denial, since he decided to come ten days early! You handled it like a champ (even if you did lose your zen!). I loved seeing all of the pictures! It made the day really come alive for me.

  6. Even just reading about you getting to hold your baby for the first time made me want to tear up. The pictures are beautiful, and I’m so glad everything went well for your little family!

  7. Oh my, you had one heck of an adventure with your birth! What makes me super uneasy about the day is that I don’t know exactly when it will come! I can only hope I’ll be safe at home with my husband and not at a friend’s house or at the store.

  8. I did not even think to find an app that might help with contractions. I’m glad I clicked on your blog because I’m downloading it right now! Your family is so beautiful and I am so happy to know that your birth went well.

  9. You guys look so happy! I also have learn that even before being a mom, we have to start planning and getting things done already (and it’s been exhausting!)
    Loved to hear your story, and I think it also helps prepare me for my turn haha (I hope I will do great like you!)

  10. For me was a completely different experience, we waited till the date that was set, but nothing was happening, so the doctors proceed with the cesarean, I was scared, and besides the issues with the medical center, It’s the most valuable thing that happened to us, we are enjoying this a lot.

  11. Congratulations! You definitely had a great experience besides the early surprise! My friends didn’t had the same luck, one of them waited a long time for the doctor to show up, then 4 hours to deliver! She said it was even more painful that her first baby! I’m so scared about this!

  12. Congrats! I’m glad you have someone who is with you 100 % to support and live this experience as one! Loved your story haha the fact that you didn’t believe that could be the time, means you were so relaxed about it! it’s great! I would of run to ER as the first symptom, just in case something was happening! For me was very planned and nothing out of the ordinary!

  13. The look of both of you is so lovely, I’m sure everybody can tell how happy you guys are! I think we all dream to be on schedule with everything 100 % planned and wishing it will go that way, but it never does and that’s okay! as long as everybody is healthy that’s the most important thing! congrats for your new journey, with just reading your words I know you are and will be a great mom!

  14. I’m glad you baby is healthy, I find it very funny you were in denial about being the time, such a charming story! It is okay to lose our zen mode, It was the same for me, but for me, my husband was freaking out too, lucky us, everything ended up great <3 I'm glad we both are enjoying our moments as moms in a close time, continue writing please, xoxo.

  15. Wow! sounds like a very peaceful labor (but actually never is, we know that), but you know what I mean! I love your sense of humor! Deep breathing didn’t help me either! Indeed you were very lucky for such a short and healthy delivery! I’m a mom since 4 months ago (but we know that starts earlier than that), is nice to read stories from other moms, hope to keep learning from you!

  16. I’m so glad you had such a smooth first birth! You really were lucky, and now you have such a handsome little man! I’m excited to see him growing up through your blog.

  17. What a beautiful story. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your life and the adventure you had bringing your beautiful boy into the world—it was so much fun to read.

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