Baby Favorites

It is amazing how the tiniest person in our house is the one who needs the most stuff! We were lucky that we didn’t have to buy most of our baby’s things because we received a lot of hand me downs from his cousins but I could still easily get carried away when I look at baby stuff online. I know they outgrow them so quickly but sometimes it’s so hard to resist the urge to get all the cute items that I see!

Here are some of our favorite baby goodies:

Loveylu The Original Lullaby Lovey

It’s a cuddly, cozy, super soft lovey that can play 5 lullabies! It’s USB rechargeable which makes it great to use at home or on the go! Our baby loves it! He would fall asleep faster and finds the lullabies soothing!
Antonello with his Loveylu

Birdrock Baby Moccasins and Booties

The moccasins are made of 100% genuine leather. They are soft and they have elastic opening that keeps them snug, thus they stay on our little’s feet and don’t slip out! They have a lot of cute styles and colors!

How cute are these?

Bibs USA Pacifier

We love these Natural Rubber Pacifiers! They have a classic yet a super trendy look! They stay on so nicely and our baby loves them! They are orthodontist approved!

Wearing his moccasins from BirdRock Baby and using Bibs USA pacifier
Copper Pearl Top Knot Hat We love how soft and stretchy this is! It fits like a glove and stays on perfectly! They have a lot of cute designs!

Copper Pearl Hat, Bibs USA pacifier, Louloulollipop Pacifier Clip, Love to Dream Swaddle

Noah the Dog Doll from Cuddle and Kind

Cuddle and Kind has handcrafted dolls that are beautifully made from safe, hypoallergenic 100% cotton yarn. Not only are they adorable, but each doll sold helps feed children in need. I wish we got this before Antonello turned one month old, we would have used it as the growth comparison item for his monthly pictures!

Blooming Bath Seat

This soft plush flower is so convenient and can be used even before the baby can sit up. Perfect for sink baths! So comfortable and provides the correct amount of cushion!

Louloulollipop Hooded Towel and Wash cloth

So soft and absorbent, it makes it faster for baby to get dried and warmed up after a bath!

Tubby Todd Bath Co. Natural Basics Bundle

This gift set features six essential products for your family. Our favorite is all over ointment, it soothes and calms any skin irritation, dryness, cracks even diaper rash! We love that these products are organic, natural and plant-based! Really safe and gentle on baby’s delicate skin!

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  1. I love shopping baby things, online and in store! It’s such a happy time of life, and the little clothes and things are just so cute. Of course this list is super tempting for me!

  2. Oh my goodness, that Blooming Bath Seat is adorable and so ingenious! Definitely need to make other moms aware of that one!

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