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Force of Nature Multi-Purpose Cleaner Review

Now that we have a baby in the house, I want to keep the germs at bay without using toxic chemicals. Keeping the house clean while being exposed to harmful chemicals seems like an inevitable occurrence until Force of Nature Multi Purpose Cleaner came to the rescue!

Force of Nature is a cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer all rolled into one perfectly safe product that is as powerful as bleach sans the noxious fumes and components. It’s so safe that I don’t need to wear any protective gear when handling it. It comes with an activator device that converts salt, water and vinegar into electrolyzed water with two gentle ingredients- Hypochlorous acid (the safest type of chlorine that’s naturally occurring in our immune system; gentle and effective that it’s commonly used in wound, eye and veterinary care products) and Sodium hydroxide. It has a very mild chlorine smell that doesn’t linger. Super simple and easy to set up, the device takes only 5 minutes to make the solution.

The activator device in action.

It can be used on virtually anything that it replaced all our cleaning products! In fact, it has 22 known uses if you check their website! I use it all over the house and it’s phenomenal! When I used it on the tub for the first time, I layered it with baking soda to brush off the accumulated soap scums, after that, I did not need to scrub at all, we just spray the tub and leave it on every after use. I use it for my make up brushes and I am so confident to use it on everything because I know it’s not hazardous to my family’s health. I even spray our toothbrushes, baby toys, inside the fridge and microwave! It’s also amazing at removing stains, I let it sit on the carpet with spilled red wine! It works really well as a deodorizer too! I spray it all over the kitchen after cooking and even the strong fish scent vanishes; also on jackets and shoes. It leaves our granite countertops and mirrors surprisingly streak-free!

Activator capsule

I’ve been recommending this product to my family and friends and they really love it! It is so convenient to have one spray bottle for everything without being concerned about the harmful chemical residues. It makes cleaning so easy and fun with excellent outcomes! While the initial set up is an investment, it really does pay for itself. You’ll end up saving 80% per ounce compared to other cleaning products. So say goodbye to toxic cleaners and say hello to health-friendly and efficient Force of Nature Multi-Purpose Cleaner!

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It’s safe to use around babies
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