Babysense 7 – Under The Mattress Baby Movement Monitor Review

Being a new mom is astonishing but can be terrifying at times! I remember staring at my newborn and thinking how fragile he was that’s why I’ve made every effort to research products that can help me make sure he’s safe and can make parent life easier for me and my husband. The first few weeks, although the most amazing time of our life, was also challenging and daunting. It wasn’t easy recovering from childbirth while learning to attend to my baby’s needs. I wanted to keep an eye on him 24/7 but it was physically impossible, like my spirit was willing but my body was weak.

I’m so thankful we’re living in a generation where the parents before us had come up with baby gears that they wish existed at their time! The BabySense 7 baby movement monitor is truly a godsend! It is so reliable and is even considered as a medical device in most European countries. It monitors and detects even the slightest movement through the mattress without any exposed wiring or part that comes in contact with the baby. The control unit has a blinking green light that tells you that the baby is moving and therefore, breathing! I find it reassuring to see the blinking light if I want to peek in the dark to make sure my little babe is alright. The alarm would go off if no breathing or movement is detected for 20 seconds or less than 10 micro movements in a minute, like slower or shallow breathing for instance. This is a great supplemental device for our baby monitor! We don’t experience false alarms and it’s loud enough to hear through our baby monitor! I even used this when we had our baby sleeping right next to us in the bassinet. Now that he is sleeping in his own crib in his room, it gives me peace of mind that I can be alerted right away when there’s no movement detected.

The installation was so easy (and not just because my husband did it).

This device has been so helpful and it’s definitely a newborn must have for new parents and experienced parents as well!

I received this product for free but all opinions are mine.

The control unit was easy to attach on the clip.

15 thoughts on “Babysense 7 – Under The Mattress Baby Movement Monitor Review

  1. “My spirit was willing but my body was weak…” So true! And this new piece of technology sounds amazing. I wish I could give it to all the expecting mothers I know!

  2. What a great product! It’s nerve wracking to leave an infant behind a closed door, even if that’s the only way he’ll get his nap in. Maybe using a movement sensor is helicopter parenting, but it can save lives (and sanity)!

  3. Hahaha! Love your humor! I’m glad your husband helped you to install it, wasn’t sure if it was something that I needed, but reading how calm were you by just having it that indeed looks like a great tool!

  4. Had NO idea those were so accurate and precise! Completely feel like I need one now, but we waiting a few weeks before shopping everything we need, and now definitely this is on the list!

  5. Hello, I completely understand the feeling, for me was a hard step to put my baby to sleep separated from me (but right next to my bed) but was thinking to finally move him to the other room and I feel like I need a tool like the Babysense, thank you for your opinion!

  6. Okay, I have to admit, this is really cool! We’ve had baby monitors for our last two kids but I’m thinking of getting this for our newborn. You never can be too safe and this looks like it will help put my mind at ease with our baby girl in her crib.

  7. My wife bought one of these last month, and they’re really great. Simple to use and set up and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. My wife and I would tip-toe into the room to check on our little one every few minutes and now we don’t have to creep up to the crib all the time thanks to the light indicator that’s one the device.

  8. I like how it looks so small and not intrusive. It also matches with most cribs so it doesn’t stand out too much as noticeable. Obviously, the indicator is all I really need to see on this which it does, but with other devices you have all sorts of wires and stuff all over the place. Not with the BabySense 7. It looks good and does good too!

  9. I got mine in the mail a week ago. I wanted to try it out for a while before I started posting reviews on it. The BabySense 7 really gets the job done right! It’s so simple and easy to use. Nothing too fancy about it. You just install it and you’re done! It really helps put my mind at ease when I check on my baby. So far, I’m a fan!

  10. Looks great and small, and most important, something that won’t bother the baby! Really glad you did this review, been following you for so long and really glad, should be start buying baby stuff in a couple of months! Thank you!

  11. THANK YOU! I think this will be the perfect baby shower gift for my sister! I want her to be able to sleep calm and recover when the time comes! Hope it is truly that easy to install because I may have to help on that haha!

  12. Indeed we have many advantages as a technologic generation, I admire you already did the step of moving him to his room but I completely understand how the Babysense made it more easy, sadly my boy is too old for that now haha, but I’m looking one for a friend, I like this brand a lot, will buy this one! Thank you for your help!

  13. THANK YOU THANK YOU! Really a relieve to know an honest opinion about this product, knowing that works and it’s been totally helpful to you makes me ensure my decision of getting it, love all your post and are so helpful and always manage to make me feel better! Would definitely make a shopping list to be ready for receive your baby to the world!

  14. Completely a classic, indeed has improve a lot since I used a monitor from that brand, didn’t knew those were so accurate and sophisticated now, but I’m glad they still do, I’m helping my daughter to pick everything she needs on time and from the best, haven’t tried this model but this is a great brand, your words were excellent will get her the Babysense 7 then!

  15. Your baby looks so cute, so glad everything is going awesome with your family! Can be confusing picking something from so many brands and models, that’s why I appreciate your time to review this, I love that it looks so simple but it is so accurate at the same time! I want to move my baby to his crib and I feel like I need this to get some sleep after that, thank you!

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