UPPAbaby VISTA + MESA Review

I realized that being a new parent entails a lot of room for growth and learning. Some of the skills we need to develop could be so complex and overwhelming, like figuring out how to operate baby gears safely. I used to think that using strollers and car seats would involve serious extent of rocket science but I was amazed by how I instantly became a pro at handling our UPPAbaby VISTA stroller and MESA car seat, for the reason that they are extremely user-friendly!

My husband and I were nervous that it would be difficult to learn how to install and use a car seat correctly but MESA kept not only the baby’s safety, but also the new parents’ sanity in mind.

The VISTA has been my dream stroller and now that we’ve been using it, I fully understand what the hype is all about! The VISTA and MESA make for a dependable and extraordinary Performance Travel System. I’m so glad that my petite self can handle them without difficulty and I could be confident to use them even when my husband is not around. They make our family strolls, pediatrician appointments, travels, and errand runs so easy and manageable with a small baby.

Here are my favorite features of the UPPAbaby Travel System:

  • Outstandingly easy to install
  • Effortless to activate, put away and store. The VISTA stands on its own with one-step fold
  • Has multiple seat configurations and can be used for up to 3 children. The multi-recline seat lets my baby sit totally upright, reclined or whatever angle he wants, either facing me or the world
  • Sturdy, sleek and lightweight
  • Maneuvers smoothly
  • MESA attaches swiftly to VISTA without the need for adapters
  • MESA SmartSecure system has an indicator that turns from red to green to let us know that it is installed properly
  • Both the MESA and VISTA have sunshade with 50+ UPF protection, perfect for when the baby is still so young to use sunscreen
  • Large and easily accessible storage basket
  • Easily adjustable canopy, handle bar and leg rest.
  • Stylish, intuitive and beautiful design with luxe textiles and leather accents
  • Comes with Rain Shield and Bug Shield to protect my baby no matter what the weather may be
  • The bassinet can be used for strolling and also as a safe sleep space at home. It’s also convenient for changing baby on the go!

I am greatly satisfied with our UPPAbaby VISTA and MESA! I love that the stroller is designed to grow with our family and we can use it for the long years to come without having to worry about quality and durability. The craftsmanship that was put into manufacturing these is undoubtedly topnotch and remarkable! They truly make my mom life so much easier.

Being a first time mom, I always put our baby’s safety as the number one priority, comfort and ease of use are next on my list. The UPPAbaby travel system delivered all the requirements that I was seeking and exceeded my expectations. It’s also a plus that the fashion, SPENSER is so gorgeous and such a head turner! I am obsessing over its classy look!

Putting UPPAbaby VISTA up and stowing it away is like a walk in the park!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine.

20 thoughts on “UPPAbaby VISTA + MESA Review

  1. Oh Wow! I was honestly so worried about this too! We are going for stroller shopping next week and wasn’t sure what to buy, but looking how well it suits you and your life style, I think It is the right one for me and my baby too! Many many benefits but I mostly love the UPF protection, so many people forget about this! Thank you Charlene!

  2. Ever since I learned about mosquitoes carrying Lymes and other diseases, I’ve been nervous about exposing little ones to the outdoors. Having a stroller already equipped for weather and bugs? Takes a load off my mind!

  3. This seems like an expensive set of items, but I’m definitely invested in having user-friendly stuff. The safety features are hard to resist, anyway!

  4. You are so right! One of the most needed tools for a mom! Plus the movements and motion for the baby are very helpful for his full development, same as visual stimulation! Been researching for a while now my top favorites to buy, both models are gorgeous and you are 100 % right, those are probably the best ones!

  5. So glad you did this review! Honestly relaxes me a lot to realize all moms deal with the same concerns. The Mesa seems the perfect stroller for me I think, thank you for helping me choose! How soon do you recommend to start using it? Xoxo

  6. Wow the Mesa looks very nice and based on what I’ve learned about the specs, it looks to be very safe and easy to use. I’m excited about it, I just ordered one, my son has been needing one for a while now. I can’t wait to start using it!

  7. This looks like the answer to my prayers! I’ve been needing to upgrade my baby’s carseat and this will work out just fine. Looks easy to use with safety in mind. Just what I need for my little one! Thank you for the recommendation.

  8. I became a mom only last week. We haven’t even thought about leaving the house yet. But, my husband and I got a lot of great gifts from the baby shower, except for a stroller, which we really need. I was hoping to find one that can keep our baby safe because I’ve seen the safety ratings on several car seats and they just don’t make me feel comfortable. This one has a lot of great reviews and of course becomes a stroller too! I’m sold!

  9. Yes, definitely stylish, great pictures! I want to get one so bad now, but I’m still few months ahead of that step! Very important the rain and bug shield mostly for this season! Can’t wait for your next review!

  10. Hi Charlene, everything is so scary sometimes! I’ve been thinking that I always wanted big strollers like those, but always afraid of not being strong enough to carry it all over the place, definitely relaxes me knowing that you can handle it! Can’t wait to get mine!

  11. Awesome pictures! Looking great btw! They both look so comfortable! There are some many things that I like about those strollers, amazing! Like the light that tells is that is properly installed!! Any recommendations about places to buy it?!

  12. You are so right! Being a first time mom is SO HARD, but sometimes we put the obstacles by ourselves, already saw few reviews about VISTA and your words helped me to make up my mind, as soon as I can I’m getting it, thanks for the help!

  13. Heard about UPPAbaby few times but I wasn’t sure, but you are so right! They look so cool, plus those storage basket look so big, love it! I don’t use it daily, but I’m preparing to travel in a few weeks and this seems like the perfect choice, thanks!

  14. Both look so great!! Beautiful pics! I already used an early model of this brand few years ago with my first baby, then I give it away, so now I’m thinking about getting those, both look really great, thank you for this great review!

  15. UPPAbaby is such a great brand! Many of my friends already recommended me, I think with your words I’m 100 % sure that I want the MESA! I’m afraid my baby won’t like or won’t get used to, is that possible? Like what should I do if I put it there and start’s crying non stop!!

  16. I put the VISTA and MESA on my registry, baby due in December and I am excited to use them!! so stylish and so convinced now because you love them!

  17. I love your dress and the stroller is so gorgeous!!! planning on getting it too. So nice and I love how it grows with the fam

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