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I still can’t believe how fast our baby is growing! Sometimes I can’t help but think that time is just a make-believe concept that plays tricks on my mind.  As my little prince is getting bigger, he tends to get bored if I put him on the same environment all the time so I have to switch up his own personal station every now and then. Giving him a safe place to lounge, play and relax on different places around the house has been made easier by our DockATot Grand. It is a multi- functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger. I received the product compliments of DockATot and I am so excited to share our wonderful experience with it! 

It came in a well-packaged box and inside a transparent zipper transport bag, which makes it easy to store and carry around on trips! I absolutely love how compact and lightweight it is, making it travel-friendly, whether it be a short trip to visit family or long road trips away from home.  It is designed in Sweden and handmade in Europe with all natural 100% cotton, OEKO-TEX certified fabrics that do not harbor heat, which provides a cozy environment that is protected from overheating. It can be used from 9-36 months and is perfect for helping my little babe transition to his toddler bed when the time comes (I just want him to stay little forever though, *bawls*).  My baby is so happy everytime I put him on his DockATot! He instantly smiles and he loves feeling the soft fabric with his tiny hands! He tends to tolerate lounging and playing longer when he’s on it because he doesn’t ask to be picked up right away. Our baby is trained to sleep in his crib in his own room so we use the DockATot for his supervised daytime naps and he naps so much better and longer on it. It is great how they have a variety of beautiful covers to choose from to change up the look and have a spare ready in case it gets dirty. 

I can’t wait to take it on our picnics on the park or the beach so my baby has his own comfy spot to hang out with us anywhere we go! 

Waking up happy from his nap

I can’t say enough good things about its superior quality and I have no doubt that it will stay durable as it grows with our baby.

We love this design in Mariniere

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  1. I swear your baby is the cutest!!! I love his happy face! thanks for the review, I will definitely upgrade to this when my baby grows out of the small one

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