Twins Nursery Must Haves

When the initial shock from finding out that we were having twins had settled, my husband and I knew it was time to set up the twins’ nursery. We went for a minimalist theme. Here are my favorite items in the twins’ nursery:

Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib from DaVinci Baby

These mini cribs are absolutely perfect for the twins! Since they are smaller than full-sized cribs, they fit perfectly in our twins’ room. They don’t occupy too much space and we can store some items underneath the cribs to maximize storage space. Beautiful design and spindle details, they have removable wheels that allow us to move the cribs easily when needed. They are GREENGUARD GOLD CERTIFIED which gives a healthier environment for my babies. These cribs will grow with our twins with 4 adjustable mattress positions.

Joya Rocker and Ottoman from Monte Design

This rocker is elegant, timeless and functional! My husband and I were deciding between a glider and rocker but we went for the rocker so we can use it beyond the nursing/baby phase. We got the Monte Design’s Joya rocker because it’s versatile, comfortable and made of superb, high-quality materials. It can easily elevate the look of any room in the house, not just the nursery! Monte Design’s pieces are customizable. We picked out the fabric and base, we chose the enviroleather and it’s honestly the best decision! Sometimes (if not always) babies get messy and spitty and the enviroleather is really easy to clean and takes a big load off our massive laundry situation. It’s also GREENGUARD Gold Certified (Certified Nontoxic), sustainably handmade in Canada. With its ergonomically designed arm height and high back, my hubby and I (and my three year old son, Antonello too) are always comfortable sitting here. The matching ottoman is absolutely perfect to keep our legs and feet comfortable. The twins love being rocked to sleep! It’s space efficient because of its perfect size. I knew we could never go wrong with Monte Design, it’s gorgeous, comfortable and topnotch quality!

Miku Care Smart Baby Monitor

We used Miku Care Baby Monitor for Antonello and we love its innovative features and sleek design. So there was no question that we were going to get it for our twins. The twins spent almost 2 weeks in the NICU, they were constantly being monitored there and when we brought them home, Miku Baby Monitor gave us peace of mind because it can track their breathing and movement without any wires or wearables. It sends real-time alerts to our phones when there’s no movement detected, when the baby is awake or falls sleep, etc and we can choose the notifications that go to our phones. It has a two-way talk system, very clear high def video, crypto chip security for extra safety! It also plays lullabies and soothing sounds, it can play white noise sounds so we didn’t have to buy a separate sound machine. We use their stands and it was so easy to install without needing to drill holes on the wall. You can use my code: Charlene10 to get 10% discount.

Twin Z Pillow

This is highly recommended by fellow twin parents and I totally understand why! It’s perfect for lounging, tummy time, tandem feeding and anything in between! It’s eco-friendly, versatile, soft and absolutely amazing! The twins love relaxing together here. It’s useful in so many ways. I can sit them upright here after feedings and I can also feed them both when breastfeeding and mostly when bottle-feeding.

Design Dua Basket Bassinet

Beautiful, cozy, perfect for naps (and sleep) and photoshoots. Design Dua’s basket bassinets were delicately handwoven in a clean and standardized environment. Their design studio is in Ghana where they work with talented local artisans. We love the wooden rocking stands too!

Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

We needed to keep track of the twins’ weight gain because they’re preemies and this changing pad is helpful since it has a built-in digital weighing scale that connects to our smart phones. It gives us an idea of the babies’ progress and weight trends. It’s easy to clean, there’s no need to put a cover on it so it saves so much laundry space!

Canopy Humidifier

A one-of-a-kind humidifier! It’s anti-mold, anti-mist and anti-bacterial. It’s very easy to clean and has a nice look too! It does not only help relieve congestion and allergies but it also helps soothe the skin from eczema symptoms. It has an anti-microbial filter to clean the evaporated air that gets inhaled.

The Play Gym by Lovevery

Designed by experts to support babies’ growing and developing brains, all based on research. It’s eco-friendly with lovely neutral colors and wooden frame. The mat has 5 different areas that can be opened at the appropriate time depending on the baby’s current age and interests to prevent overstimulation and teach focus. It’s made from baby-safe materials and comes with a guidebook to help parents provide the right kind of play. It is conducive to an educational and fun tummy time for our twins! They interact with the high contrast ball and love kicking the wooden rattle to hear the sound. This play gym covers our twins’ needs from batting to teething to learning to focus for the entire year.

Bombol Bouncer

This bouncer can be used from birth up to 5 years of age. Aesthetically and functionally pleasing, it’s the only bouncer designed and double certified as both a bouncer and furniture. It’s 3D knitted with ALTOR® Copper yarn that kills 99.9% of germs. It folds fully flat for compact storage and transport. We actually put these in the living room so the babies can lounge and hang out with us.

Thank you for reading! Please check back for more tips and recommendations soon.

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